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Is it Worth Renovating your Home For a Sale 15 April 2024

Renovation brings to mind repairing or restoring a dilapidated property back to being in a good condition, although in fact it means much more than that.

It also means making something new or bringing it back to life and that"s why many people ask us if it"s something they should consider before putting their home on the market.... Read More

EPCs - Everything Anyone Selling Their Home Needs To Know 11 March 2024

If you"re thinking of selling your home you"ll want to get all the paperwork in order and make sure everything you need is at hand.

However, you might not be aware of the rules surrounding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which are now required by law whenever a property is sold.... Read More

Why Do Landlords Choose A Managed Lettings Service 06 February 2024

Being a landlord is a popular thing these days - there are more than two and a half million private landlords in the UK!

According to official figures from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities, the private rental sector is now bigger than the social rented sector, having grown by 45% between 2008 and 2021.... Read More

What Will Happen to the Property Market in 2024 05 January 2024

Everyone likes to know the value of their property at any given time. For those looking to sell or buy a home it"s even more important to have a good idea of how the market stands and in which directions it is likely to go in the year ahead.

At the start of a New Year it"s traditional to make predictions.... Read More

Busting the Myths of the Winter Property Market 01 December 2023

As with most things in life, the property market changes throughout the year. With Christmas just around the corner many people start to wind down a little as the joint pressures and pleasures of the festive season take hold.

So it"s reasonable to assume that estate agents start to take things easy too, although in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.... Read More

The Remarkable Sussex Sistine Chapel Story 06 November 2023

In common with most locations that boast a long historical record, Ferring and Goring have many wonderful examples of churches dating back through the centuries.

However, nowhere else in the country can claim to have what makes the English Martyrs Church in Compton Avenue, Goring-by-Sea so unique - a full-size hand painted replica of the Sistine Chapel"s ceiling!... Read More

Property Valuation or Market Appraisal - Are They the Same? 10 October 2023

One of the first things anyone thinking of selling their property expects from an estate agent is for them to explain what their property is worth in the current market.

Some agents call this giving a "valuation" while others offer a "market appraisal".... Read More

How a Modern Business Can Still Have Traditional Values 11 September 2023

Along with most other areas of professional business activity, estate agents have had to adapt to new technologies in recent years. However, this has led some to neglect many of the traditional methods which worked so well previously.

Changing with the times is something that any business must do in order to be competitive and provide a first class service.... Read More

The Ilex Way - A Sussex Secret Nature Pathway 02 August 2023

Some of the most in-demand homes in the area around Goring by Sea and Ferring are to be found near the old Goring Hall estate. The attractions include being within easy walking distance of the sea, a nearby classic "high street parade" of shops and good transport links.... Read More

Introducing Worthing, Goring and Ferring Property Expert Richard Davis 06 July 2023

At Stafford Johnson we are proud that our reputation as an independent estate agent means such a great deal to our clients. We"ve built up our relationships in Worthing, Goring and Ferring over more than 25 years and this relies heavily on our personal service style.... Read More